I Am Not An Imposter

“I am an imposter in my own skin. I don’t fit in with this new role I’ve been given. Nothing I could do is right or the best; they could hire anyone off the street to do what I do

The Value of a Data Analyst

My role as a data analyst is fairly flexible and versatile. One day I’ll be digging through thousands of rows of data looking for answers, the next I’m asking the tough questions to leaders of departments and organizations, and some

What’s in a Call

It’s been a busy quarter, and while I usually would stick to focusing solely on writing about marketing-focused topics, I’ll be focusing on something closer to where I started in the CUSO Industry: member phone calls. Over the course of

Who Should I Contact?

I’ve been working with credit unions for Marketing and Communications related projects for close to 3 years, and the number one question I am asked every time we start building out a campaign together is, “Who should I contact?” My