The Art of Cross Team Coordination

My role at Xtend is slightly unique, and a lot of that is due to the fact the data is involved in all departments, whether we want to admit that fact or not. It’s also a big part of the reason I’m invited to a variety of events at Xtend and CU*Answers – data is important to all departments. I’m involved in planning and brainstorming for new ideas to enhance our services, I plan out how we can evaluate the performance and impact of these services, and assist in training clients and fellow colleagues on how to accomplish some of these tasks themselves.

In performing under all these varied fields of work, I must coordinate a lot with different teams. I work internally with Xtend teams as often as I can, and I work closely with the CU*Answers Asterisk Intelligence Team as that’s where Xtend Data Analytics started – a shared resource for that team as I learned the ropes of what it means to be an analyst within the CUSO world, and where I can help them. Occasionally some of the things we do overlap with each other, but for the most part, we’ve remained a primarily cooperative partnership where I focus on Call Center and Marketing analytics, while they focus on improving the software and the other pillars (finance, fraud, etc.) of data analysis. In keeping our partnership alive, I assist in co-hosting the Asterisk Intelligence Week events four times a year with the team, occasionally assist with store orders, and answer client questions that come through.

With the Xtend teams I perform various analyses throughout the year and am currently working to put together a few white papers, at least two over the course of the 2022 year, one focusing on the Contact Center and another focusing on the Communications team. When we work together, we’re able to create new products and services (like new member journeys), enhance current ones (like adding new messages to the Member Reach library), and evaluate our efforts (through white papers). In the Contact Center, I pull together a quarterly analysis looking at all their team’s wrap up code usage, which shows us why members call and how well our agents use this toolset over 70 credit unions and 65,000 interactions. This again reinforces our partnership with CU*Answers as we’re able to see what possibilities for harnessing the data that exists today into other services, thus creating a solid cycle of product development, improvement, and evaluation.

How do we keep these partnerships alive? COMMUNICATION. I’m sure you never would have guessed that, but we do meet on a regular basis in a variety of ways and different environments to better strengthen our relationships and team comradery. I also do my best to share information as often as possible – I have a goal to email the teams information to assist in their projects/keep everyone up to date at least 1x every two weeks. It helps them stay on their toes and keep up with updates and keeps my name front of mind in case they have questions.

While my meeting schedule can get a bit tedious at times, I know in the end it’s very beneficial and 100% worth every hour of my time spent with these different departments. I meet with the Xtend Communications team at least once a month, we meet as a management group at least once every other week, and the AI Team meets regularly to review dashboard enhancements, discuss new ideas, and come together to get insight from senior leadership on a biweekly basis.

Working with different teams is a balancing act, and it’s important not to stay completely siloed in our work. Schedule meetings with clear intentions and goals set, be honest with each other, and stay patient with each other. The end results can be a beautiful collaboration, a stronger business, and more revenue for everyone when we all work together.

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