Marketing and Business Intelligence Analyst

I began my career with Xtend in 2014 as a contact center representative. With a strong focus for marketing and project management, I soon after transitioned to the role of project coordinator on the Xtend Communications Team (also known as Xtend Business Support Team). During this time, I developed and enhanced the way Xtend targets and collects data, which fueled MY desire to analyze, develop, and improve not only the data but the services offered to our partner credit unions.

I most recently joined the Asterisk Intelligence team as a marketing and business intelligence analyst through a partnership with Xtend. This partnership enables me to produce and improve analytical products within the marketing segment to credit unions, as well as analyze Xtend’s internal data to improve business functions.

I’m happy to be able to contribute to a ground-breaking team in the CUSO industry. I’ve seen and experienced first-hand how analyzing data both before and after any effort can improve both the reaction of members and credit union staff alike, and I cannot wait to share these stories and improve the value of data and marketing services within our network.