Networking as an Introvert

“I certainly have not the talent which some people possess, of conversing easily with those I have never seen before.” – Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice I’ll be the first person to say it aloud, published for all to see:

The Importance of Reading Release Summaries

CU*BASE updates happen on a regular basis, but twice a year there are big updates and changes that occur. These are called “releases” and they impact both the availability of new tools, changes to current tools, and sunsetting of tools

I Am Not An Imposter

“I am an imposter in my own skin. I don’t fit in with this new role I’ve been given. Nothing I could do is right or the best; they could hire anyone off the street to do what I do

The Value of a Data Analyst

My role as a data analyst is fairly flexible and versatile. One day I’ll be digging through thousands of rows of data looking for answers, the next I’m asking the tough questions to leaders of departments and organizations, and some

What’s in a Call

It’s been a busy quarter, and while I usually would stick to focusing solely on writing about marketing-focused topics, I’ll be focusing on something closer to where I started in the CUSO Industry: member phone calls. Over the course of

Watch for Packed Account Fields

For frequent users of the Report Builder tool to create queries, you most likely have learned that not all fields in the database are created equal. The account base field or date field in one file can be formatted as

The First Blog Post is the Hardest

There is too much pressure on a first-time blog posting, so I decided to take it easy on everyone’s expectations with a slow but straight forward hello! I’m excited to start sharing the knowledge I’ve acquired over the last few